Income Tax Circular on digitally signing Form 16  
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Sign form 16

E-Lock helps organizations in India, issue digitally signed, legally valid electronic Form 16s / TDS Certificates to their employees at just a mouse click. These digitally signed Form 16s can be distributed via email, eliminating the printing and distribution hassles. Allowing organizations to go completely paperless with the Form 16 process, E-Lock enables organizations to sign digitally using digital certificates issued by any Certificate Authority (CA) in India. Signer’s digital certificates can be stored either on e-Tokens or can be installed in browser.

ACE Technology PDFeSigner - PDF Form16 Signing & mailing desktop solution

ACE Technology PDFeSigner is easy to use desktop software for digitally signing Form16 in PDF format. As an input it takes pre-generated PDF Form 16s, digitally signs them, and keeps digitally signed Form 16s in an output folder. Using PDFeSigner you can automatically email all these electronic Form 16s to respective employees in bulk. PDFeSigner allows signers to associate their handwritten signature image or company logo with their digital signature in Form 16 / TDS Certificate.

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