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In-Line Signing

FileSigner™ Pi can be used to create in-line digital signatures on PDF documents, present in the configured input folder. The signed PDF documents are moved into the output folder of user's choice. The signed PDF documents can be viewed and verified, using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Eliminates need for a separate Verification Utility

FileSigner™ Pi eliminates the need for a separate digital signature verification utility, as the signature is embedded in the PDF document and can be easily verified by Acrobat Reader.

Bulk Signing of PDF

All PDF files present in the given input directory are selected for signing in a single shot. The original files that are signed are moved to a "Processed" directory, created in the Output Folder.

Easy Installation and User Friendly operation

FileSigner™ Pi can be easily installed and integrates seamlessly with the Windows environment.

Support for Cryptographic Tokens

For greater security, FileSigner™ Pi picks up digital certificates for signing, from cryptographic tokens only.

Support for creating signature appearance

FileSigner™ Pi can be configured to apply a given signature image to the signed PDF document. The signature image serves the need to visually recognize a signed document when viewed or printed. For eg:- The hand-written signature of the signer can be captured as an image and applied to the PDF document, while creating in-line Digital Signature.

Has Logging feature

FileSigner™ Pi creates a log file upon every invocation and logs the result of the signing operation for every file that was signed along with the timestamp.

Support for multiple signatures

FileSigner™ Pi can be used to apply signatures at the first page, last page or at any particular page in the document.

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